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Solar Basics

“Grid-tied” (On-grid) vs. “Off-grid” Solar installations

Grid-tied or on-grid is a solar array on a house or building that is connected to an electric power company and uses utility power at night and during cloudy weather. Off-grid solar is for a location where electric utility lines don’t exist.

Payback Period  & Utility Bills

For a typical roof-mounted installation in northern Arizona, the payback period averages about 7-10 years for a residence and 6-7 years for a business. Then, you can then expect another 15-18 years of free electricity before the warranty expires. Download a free example of how this works.

If you have a new solar electric system installed, your new utility bill can depend on the size of your system. In northern Arizona, our customers who purchase a photovoltaic system typically only pay $10-20 a month to the utility for taxes and unavoidable fees.

Solar is Durable & Reliable

The biggest reason solar electric systems are reliable is because most systems contain no moving parts. Unlike other renewable energy sources, like wind power, solar electric is virtually maintenance free. The standard warranty on solar panels (and some inverters) is 25 years.

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